50,000 BEER CANS

The original wall of Busch Beer cans at Busch Mountains

Welcome to Busch Mountains, containing over 50,000 empty cans of Busch Beer. The Busch Brothers created this monument to Busch Beer. Busch Mountains is located across from the University of Cincinnati, in Ohio. The Busch Brothers started as a group in 1984, with just a few original members. These founding Busch Brothers created the greatest organization of all time. In 1992 they moved into the house known as The Mountains. The house was built in the late 1800s with 7 total bedrooms. As of 1992 the Busch Brothers had only collected 2,400 empty cans of Busch Beer. 1,200 cans were consumed and saved before 1987 and another 1,200 Busch Beer Cans were accumulated in the next 5 years. Then the Busch Brothers moved into The Mountains where drinking used to take place on a daily basis. Over the next 5 years the consumption was about 4,000 cans a year. Our group now includes many full members, some associate members and some honorary members. the Busch Brothers had over 50,000 Busch Beer cans. At one point the cans had taken up so much space that the Mountains had expanded to include the walls in the house next door. The goal was to have the world record for most cans of a single kind of beer in one collection. All of these cans of Busch Beer were consumed by our members or our thousands of guests over the years. While the house is now forever closed, the tradition lives on in each and every member.

Below you will find a series of pictures which capture the spirit of the
place we call
The Mountains. Click on thumbnail to see larger picture.

Back Bedroom Special can Ceiling 1200 Cans Living room Fireplace Kitchen Back room First walls Kitchen List Living room

Picture 1: Back bedroom. Picture 2: Special can. Picture 3: Ceiling of living room. Picture 4: 1,200 can pyramid. Picture 5: Living room. Picture 6: Fireplace wall. Picture 7: Kitchen. Picture 8: Back room. Picture 9: First two walls. Picture 10: Kitchen. Picture 11: Contributer's list. Picture 12: Living Room.

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